Student Testimonials

I love turning up to Live Performance Workshops just because I know Darren will be demonstrating and that means an amazing performance! This guy makes everything seem so simple and importantly makes performing fun!

Jack Carroll
Bishop’s Stortford, UK

Darren is one of the most interesting, intelligent, and passionate teachers I have come across in over 10 years of studying.

He never fails to deliver lessons/lectures that are not only informative but also inspiring and really make you want to go and play. This for me set Darren above previous tutors I’ve had because he goes the extra mile and breathes life into topics that could be dull.

Henry Appleby
London, England

I have had lessons from Darren at the Institute and also privately and have found his teaching both hugely informative, beneficial and very inspiring! After having just a few private lessons I found my playing improved very quickly. I would recommend his teaching to anyone looking to improve!
Thanks a lot Daz!

From: Tom Needham
London, England

I first met Darren at the Institute where he was teaching the part time drum course.
I found his playing abilities outstanding. I was also impressed by the way he could convey the complex information to students of various levels.
Since then, I have taken private lessons with Darren that have provided me with a new perspective and a framework to improve my skills.

Thanks Daz and keep up the good work!

Matt Wilkosz

Concise, clear and practical. Darren is an accomplished drummer and a great teacher, has things very clear and he´s able to get the best of each drummer and clarify your ideas, regardless of the level where you are. But I think beyond his musical abilities, I would remark his infectious positive attitude, something not very common today in the music world. Absolutely recommended!!!!

Chus Gancedo
Torrelavega, Spain

I’ve been playing drums for the past 13 years, and in that time no one has pushed my playing boundaries more than Darren. In his lessons and through watching him play, I’ve learnt some of the most important things about playing drums both in live and studio situations, and have gained invaluable knowledge which will no doubt be vital in my future career in the music industry. Darren is, in both my and other tutee’s opinion, one of the best tutors that this country has to offer.

(Plus he’s a massive lad)

Huw Beynon
London, England

Darren is fantastic.  Obviously very passionate about drumming, he oozes experience, enthusiasm and support.  As an absolute never-paradiddled-in-my-life beginner, I really appreciated Darren’s extreme patience and willingness to break things down to the bare fundamentals, making sure that you “get it”. Thank you drumming Yoda!

Dita Tantang
London, England

Darren is a great teacher with easy to learn steps and great ideas. He’s inspiring and motivating.

Dee Biberian
London, England

Darren is for sure the best drum teacher I’ve ever had. His method of teaching is straight forward and clear but never boring. He’s a great motivator and he always pushed me to overcome my limits! He also got a great technique and and a fabulous drummer able to play any style! His knowledge of all the aspects of drumming make him the perfect teacher! Legend!

Emanuele Amatruda
London, England

Self-taught and having played for almost 30 years I decided I needed think about learning to play the drums from first principles.
Darren, probably unwisely, agreed to the challenge of deconstructing and rebuilding my approach to drumming on every level and we’ve been working together for six years now with remarkable results.
If you want to get the most from your technique, build a foundation for greater creativity on the set and become a better musician, then Darren’s your man.

A great teacher, a great mentor and a great drummer.

And a damned fine chap.

Andy Hill
Burbage, England

Darren is an enthusiastic, patient and supportive instructor. He has excellent communication skills with a friendly easy-going attitude. He’s helped me considerably with reading skills and enabled me to develop and improve my technique. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone wishing to take their playing to “the next level”

Pete Wright
Tring, England

I had the pleasure of having Darren as a teacher for two years and the knowledge and skills I gained from him are priceless. His delivery is always clear, the content of the lessons is detailed and deeply prepared and his drumming is impeccable; there’s always something to learn from him. I would suggest him to anyone who wants to bring his drumming to the next level.

Alberto Voglino
London, England

I began having lessons with Darren when I decided that my reading needed improvement, since working regularly with Darren I have now secured a big band gig every Thursday and my reading has improved dramatically. Now Darren is dragging me kicking and screaming through the Moeller technique, It just goes to show that you can teach and old dog (50) new tricks.

Tom Goddard
Iver, England

One of the best teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! Darren’s lessons fundamentally improved my technique, gave me a much broader perspective on drumming and music in general, as well as addressing various professional skills for the working musician. If you have the opportunity to get lessons with Darren take it, you won’t regret it!

Ewan McDonald
London, England

The best lessons I’ve ever had! Darren really is an all-round teacher, concentrating highly on technique and ‘real world’ playing, not just concentrating from a book. The best drummer/teacher I’ve ever met!

Callum Sharp
Buckingham, England

Darren taught me throughout my degree, he was fantastic teacher being able to analyse and breakdown all facets of my playing, honing in on the technical and musical aspects I didn’t realise held me back.

He has undoubtedly helped my ability as a player. I shall also never have my open hi hats with a 1cm gap again!!!

Cheers Darren 🙂

Dejaar Fard
London, England