Traditional Tuesday 14 – The 5 Core Rudiments #1 – Single Stroke Roll

TT14 Welcome to today’s Traditional Tuesday! (I know it’s not Tuesday, but for some reason my post from yesterday disappeared so I’m reposting today).
In a bid to improve my traditional grip playing, I’m revisiting the PAS 40 drum rudiments to identify some weak spots in my technique.
Here’s rudiment No.1: The single stroke roll which is one of 5 core rudiments that you can use to diagnose areas for improvement. The 5 rudiments are:

Single Strokes
Double Strokes
Multiple strokes
Multiple Bounce Roll/Buzz Roll

It’s a real education looking back at yourself and identifying elements of your playing that can be improved: stick height/dynamic control, transitions from wrists to fingers, relaxation and accepting the rebound.
Investigative practice at its best.
Happy drumming!

If you’re interested in private lessons in either London or Birmingham please click here.

Q: What is Traditional Tuesday?

A: ‘Traditional Tuesday’ is a collection of improvisations and exercises documenting my practice of traditional grip.
From 1984 to 2009 I played predominantly traditional grip and now I have a regular practice/recording/teaching space I thought It’d be a good opportunity to dust off the cobwebs and get my chops back. It’s also an excuse to work in my mixing filming and editing skills. I hope you enjoy them.


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