Traditional Tuesday 10

TT10 Today’s ‘Traditional Tuesday’ features a sticking pattern in a sextuplet rate: one beat of doubles and one beat of singles which is then repeated starting with the other hand (see notation). This is a great warm-up pattern and works both sides of your technique. Acceptance of the rebound is needed in order to execute this at faster tempos so aim to let the sticks and the drum do most of the work for you.
I first posted a version of this pattern on Youtube back in 2008/9 in a video entitled ‘Lessons from the Beach’ that I filmed in Barbados whilst on tour with the Dub Pistol following the purchase of my first video camera.

If you’re interested in private lessons in either London or Birmingham please click here.

Q: What is Traditional Tuesday?

A: ‘Traditional Tuesday’ is a collection of improvisations and exercises documenting my practice of traditional grip.
From 1984 to 2009 I played predominantly traditional grip and now I have a regular practice/recording/teaching space I thought It’d be a good opportunity to dust off the cobwebs and get my chops back. It’s also an excuse to work in my mixing filming and editing skills. I hope you enjoy them.

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